For B2B tech executives and marketing leaders at small and medium-sized businesses, Resolve Marketing is your partner in leading critical initiatives when time and/or headcount are constrained.

You know, the initiatives that keep you up at night that you want resolved? Ones like:

  • Executing that new C-level initiative ASAP
  • Leading and executing Marketing initiatives until you’re ready for full-time staff
  • Launching a new product while you backfill that open Product Marketer’s role
  • Implementing an industry-focused ABM program when no one has bandwidth to craft the unique value propositions and sales assets
  • Updating and optimizing that nurture program while the team is getting other demand gen initiatives out the door

Sound all too familiar?

Resolve Marketing helps you get them done. We go ‘heads down’ on initiatives, partnering with you to do it the way you would if you had the time and/or headcount.

Our specialties include:

Go-to-Market Plans
Product Marketing
Demand Generation
Sales Enablement
P&L / Revenue Optimization
Strategic Initiatives

Julie Miller, VP of Product Marketing at Clarabridge

“Clarabridge was developing industry-specific solutions and needed extra help to accelerate time to market. Resolve Marketing came in to help us take one of those solutions from research to value proposition to asset development. It was a huge help in advancing our industry solutions initiative! Diane was a pleasure to work with – she dove right into all tasks, settled in as a member of our team, and made all the right connections internally to get the job done. She’s a real go-getter!”


  • We know what it’s like to try to deploy critical initiatives in a crazy busy, meeting-filled world.
  • Diane’s 20 plus years’ experience in multiple marketing disciplines with B2B tech organizations fuels a cohesive perspective and an ability to pivot easily to whatever you need done.
  • Diane is that rare marketer who has also been in B2B direct sales – exceeding quota each year – so she knows a little bit about what it’s like to walk in your sales team’s shoes.
  • Her thoughtful, data-driven analysis shapes effective strategies, and a proficiency in project management and a resolve to wrestle challenges to the ground ensures thorough execution.

Jeff Johnson, VP of Sales at Timlin Enterprises

“At Timlin, we historically had grown the business through referrals by providing high quality service. We had reached a point where we needed to increase our marketing to reach our revenue goals, and had utilized the services of other marketing firms without success. What drew us to Diane, was not only her excellent B2B marketing experience, but the fact that she jumped right in and quickly got stuff done. She was able to quickly understand our value proposition and develop effective messaging and marketing campaigns that have driven top line revenue.”

Diane Eves with Resolve Marketing


Consultant & Founder

Located in Reston, VA, Resolve Marketing, LLC was founded in 2017 by Diane Eves, a senior-level marketing leader with a passion for and over 20 years’ experience in B2B tech products. Diane is a revenue-focused problem solver who thrives on identifying and translating market opportunities into concrete, marketable solutions and advancing demand gen for and direct sales of such solutions through analysis, critical thinking, and rigorous execution.

Her professional accomplishments are complemented by an MBA in Marketing from the George Washington University as well as Pragmatic Marketing™ certification.

Connect with Diane on LinkedIn.

Jenniffer Breitenstein, SVP at ServicePower, Inc.

“I oversee ServicePower’s Global Marketing and recently found there were key initiatives my team did not have the bandwidth to accomplish in the desired time frame. Diane joined our team, quickly learned our business, and was able to help with some of those initiatives, specifically vertical sales enablement, a nurture program update, and SEO optimization. We could not have executed on them as quickly without her.”


That critical initiative that's keeping you up at night?

Let’s get it done.